2021 Call for Nominations: Student/Early Career Board Representative

The MLA Nominating Committee welcomes nominations and self-nominations for a one-year appointment to the MLA Board as a Student/Early Career Representative for 2022-2023.

This is the third and final year of this pilot, after which the Board will assess whether or not this position should have a permanent place on the Board. The position is being test-driven as a non-voting position.

General Responsibilities:

  • Compiling Annual Reports. This process normally gets underway late summer with the call for annual reports. The finished MLA Annual Report gets posted on the MLA website.
  • Submitting quarterly Board reports. A one-page report submitted to the President covering work done each quarter (or designated timeframe).
  • Attending Board meetings (held monthly on Zoom), and participating in Board email discussions.

Other details/criteria:

  • The Representative must qualify for early-career or student membership status in MLA (https://www.musiclibraryassoc.org/general/custom.asp?page=MemberCategoriesat the time of selection and be a member in good standing in the relevant categories throughout their term.
  • The selected Representative does NOT need to be a member of MLStEP (Music Library Students & Emerging Professionals) or IAML (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres).
  • We encourage all those interested in being nominated to verify that they can commit the time to this role, and have support for doing so.

Please send your nominations by the end of the day, November 1, 2021, to Bruce J. Evans (bruce_evans at baylor. edu), incoming Nominating Committee Chair.

After the nomination period ends, the Nominating Committee will gather brief candidate biographies, CVs, statement of interest, and diversity statement. Student and early career members of MLA will then have opportunity to provide feedback on the candidates. The Nominating Committee will recommend a candidate to the Board based on this feedback, and the Board will make the final appointment. Please note: only members in good standing who are eligible for the student or early-career categories at the time of selection will be considered for the 2022-2023 pilot initiative term and have opportunity to provide feedback on candidates. This pool includes students and those in the first five years of their careers.

The Student/Early Career Representative for 2022-2023 will begin their appointment by attending the first virtual Board meeting following the MLA’s annual conference in Salt Lake City (March 2-6, 2022). The term concludes at the end of next year’s annual meeting in St. Louis, MO (March 1-5, 2023).

For questions about the pilot initiative or the selection process, contact Bruce J. Evans.